mòsì b&b is plastic free

#PlasticFree at Mòsì, we believe in a better world.
We can all start to contribute with small but important things.

For this reason, we have decided to be part of the No Plastic More Fun project launchedby Worldrise which is creating and promoting a network of clubs, events and musical collectives within the city nightlife that completely eliminate disposable plastic in favor of sustainable solutions.

Mòsì B&B with the help of its guests, will eliminate plastic from all rooms and from our structure. Thanks to our and your environmental commitment in which we strongly believe, we will be able to save many kilos of plastic every year.

We are changing to offer a more sustainable stay!

We tried to completely eliminate disposable plastic from the rooms.Our waste paper baskets will no longer be provided with a plastic bag. This allows us to avoid using plastic bags that take about 10 to 20 years to decompose.The small baskets in the bathroom are lined with biodegradable bags.Now for soap / shampoo we use the dispensers in the showers and the soaps in paper packs instead of the use of courtesy sets due to their high environmental impact.The water you find at Mòsì is drinkable. In the kitchen you can help yourself to jugs and glass cups. Help us to separate waste.

Before going out don’t forget to fill your bottle with water, in the centre of Florence you will find many fountains with drinkable water.

Thank you

If you want to know more about the project Worldrise here you are the link.