Nice to meet you!

mòsì is a small dream that came about during my travels around the world.


I love the feelings and the connections that you can only make with fellow travelers: the excitement of discovering new places, sharing travel stories, that sparkle you get in your eyes when you think of a new destination, the fascination of discovering new scents, flavors and the culinary delights of a new country.

That is why I decided to bring the world of  travel and travelers into my life. Thanks to mòsì, every day I can meet, welcome and care for new people, new guests, talk to them about my home, my country, my culture, and be a part of their journey.

mòsì is a new kind of bed&breakfast. It is a place that brings together the comfort and sense of familiarity of a B&B with a hostel’s social and laid back atmosphere.

The attention to detail in furnishings; the homemade Italian breakfasts;  the sense of community in the common spaces, the warm, smiling faces; my goal is to constantly seek out new events and activities to share with my guests and create a sense of community. This is Mòsì-a place where travelers are welcome and experiences can be shared.

mòsì prides it self on following ethical principles, respecting energy saving standards,recycling, and limiting waste. We believe in keeping it simple, in reusing, upcycling, using locally sourced products and goods, in promoting human rights worldwide.

mòsì is a small dream that came about during my travels around the world. mòsì welcomes solo travelers. For these travelers we have created a dorm room with only 4 beds. This is a relaxing environment, that is economical, yet it offers the comfort and privacy found in a welcoming B&B.

The places that I love most are shared with everyone: guests and friends. mòsì is a cozy gathering place where locals and travelers can meet, share their experiences, ask for advice, and enjoy good conversation.

At mòsì there is a lot to discover: the cheerful Kitchen that looks out on the garden, an ideal place to relax on our hammock and watch the sunset while sipping a glass of wine. The Thinking Room, with its collection of Human Rights books or the Living Room/Study where you can read, work, look through photos of your trip or even play the guitar!

A fun fact: mòsì reveals my Neapolitan origins. In dialect is means….it’s time, the time has come. It is our version of Carpe Diem: and so, it’s time, mòsì to start with this new adventure.