hello I am Simona

mòsì is a small dream that came about during my travels around the world.
I love the feelings and the connections that you can only make with fellow travelers: the excitement of discovering new places, sharing travel stories, that sparkle you get in your eyes when you think of a new destination, the fascination of discovering new scents, flavors and the culinary delights of a new country.

That is why I decided to bring the world of  travel and travelers into my life. Thanks to mòsì, every day I can meet, welcome and care for new people, new guests, talk to them about my home, my country, my culture, and be a part of their journey.

mòsì is a new kind of bed&breakfast. It is a place that brings together the comfort and sense of familiarity of a B&B with a hostel’s social and laid back atmosphere.

The attention to detail in furnishings; the homemade Italian breakfasts;  the sense of community in the common spaces, the warm, smiling faces; my goal is to constantly seek out new events and activities to share with my guests and create a sense of community. This is Mòsì-a place where travelers are welcome and experiences can be shared.