Giraffe in città

Giraffe in the city …


are the people who dream of far away places but know how to find the adventure right across the street . They love to talk to the people they meet on the street. They do not care about material possessions, and they want to find the heart of the things. They see life through the half-full glass, and would rather climb a mountain than spend hours in a mall.

They can say hello with a smile. They love to hear other’s stories , and they believe in the value of sharing.

Mòsì b&b is the home for all those who do not give up their own freedom, their own wildness or their dreams, the travelers who are able to travel off the beaten path .

Giraffe in the city will be the blog where I will tell how to visit Florence off the beaten path. Giraffe in the city is also the name of the meetings I like to organize at Mòsì B&B : house-concerts, photo exhibitions, talks with travel writers etc . 



(illustration by Caterina Rossi)